Is your big data causing big headaches?

RapidEye offers a simplified approach to building knowledge based systems

RapidEye is a configurable, real-time processing and analysis framework for very high volume processing scenarios.

Big Data != Big $$$

Configuration-driven framework based on open source technologies reduces complexity and costs

Can quickly adapt to changing data availability and business requirements

Big Data != Tomorrow

Instant insights and actionable alerts with real-time stream processing, aggregation and analytics

Mobile interface for notifications and alerts guarantees accessibility

Big Data != Big Infra

In-line processing and simplifies architecture and reduces deployment footprint and infrastructure needs.

Integrated elastic search capabilities for fast access to stored data without the need for additional tools

Scalable Performance and Ease of Implementation


Designed for very high performance scenarios where millisecond responses are critical


Can handle very high volume real-time streams(more than 50,000 tps), ability to process and index 10+ terabytes daily


Message-based architecture with additional RESTful interfaces; can adapt to any enterprise scenario


Implementation is largely configuration-drive, from integration of data streams to analysis and rules definition

Where does
RapidEye fit?

Complements batch analytics to provide
instant insights; seamlessly plugs-in to your
data environment

A Reference Implementation